Creativity in campaigns – you can do it!

Published On: 1 November 2023Tags: , ,

Have you nailed your campaign planning model but always hand over the creative to your graphics team or an external agency?

It’s a familiar situation, often borne out of a lack of time but also a lack of confidence in our own abilities to actually be creative. Yet we all have creativity in us!

I absolutely love delivering my Creativity in Campaigns training day. We do it on site, so it doubles as brilliant team development.  I take you through a process I’ve designed that will have everyone (without exception!) generating their own creative ideas, assessing their viability to be impactful and effective, working up the creative scope and use, and playing that back. They’ll leave with actual creative concepts to use in real campaigns that you need a BIG IDEA for.  And I promise the day will be fun and boost your team’s confidence in their own creativity too.

Creativity for campaigns – what we cover:

  • Characteristics of ‘creativity’
  • Banishing the blockers
  • My 8-second creativity challenge ​​
  • Case studies and examples 
  • My four-step process for generating ideas, assessing their viability, working up their use and playing them back – leaving you with viable creative concepts for your campaigns!

Ideally, you’ll precede this session with my Campaign Strategy and Planning  day, with the two sessions taking place 4 – 8 weeks apart. But if you’ve nailed your campaign planning process, have some live briefs and just want a creative boost, this works perfectly well run by itself.

What people say about this session:

“Great afternoon hearing the team’s pitches following a creativity workshop from the amazing Georgia Turner. They came up with some fantastic ideas for our upcoming recycling behaviour change campaign and every group came up with at least one activation that will be implemented.

“Thank you Georgia for your time and expertise – the team loved it. Highly recommend for any teams wanting to get their creative juices flowing👏🏻”

Charlotte Goulding, Senior Campaigns and Communications Manager, Waltham Forest Council

“You were brilliant and the teams are absolutely buzzing today!” 

Rebecca Williams, Deputy Director of Communications, University of Bristol  

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